Financing Gym Gear is Easier Than You Think

Financing Gym Gear is Easier Than You Think

Why Finance Gym Equipment with VERVE?
Preserve other credit lines
Unsecured facilities
Buy now, increase profitability
Fund 100% of product cost
- Make quality more affordable

How Much Can my Gym Borrow?
- €1k to €25k (+ vat) with minimal paperwork
- up to €200k for complete gym fit out with additional documentation

What Documentation Do I Need to Provide?
To get €25k (+ vat) you only need to show:
1) Last 3 months of bank statements. 
2) Copy of ID, such as passport or driving licence.
3) Copy of utility bill for the applicant.

Is It Hard to Get Approval?
It's more straightforward than many alternative loans as the underwriters are normally satisfied to see a simple ability to meet monthly repayments of the proposed finance.

What Will it Cost?

e.g. if you get €5,000 for gym equipment and pay for it over 60 months, the monthly financing cost is €125.60 (+€4 direct debit fee).

What Can I use The Financing For?
It's up to you. Perhaps you need some Concept2 rowers, commercial benches or a VERVE rig. You can use it to order a full gym fit out from floor to rig and everything in between at €25,000.

What Do I Do Next?
Get in touch with us on or call +353 (0)87 2672040 to discuss your needs.

We look forward to helping you bring more VERVE to your gym.